Back-Flow in Ormond Beach

Having a back-flow preventer is a must!


Installing a back-flow prevention device on your system isn’t just smart.  The Florida Building Code requires that all irrigation systems have a back-flow preventer installed. The state of Florida also requires that back-flow preventers be tested every 12 months by a certified backflow tester.  Jacobsen Irrigation Inc. is a certified back-flow testing and service contractor #A11-12-2908.  Over the years we have helped many residents in the communities of Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, and Ormond Beach, service and repaired their back-flow preventers.


Why does the state require that all irrigation systems have a back-flow preventer?  Back-flow prevention devices are a safe guard against the introduction of a pollutant or contaminate in potable water.   Sprinkler heads and related equipment are in direct contact with pollutants and contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides.


Our certified back-flow testing team is here to ensure that our back-flow prevention devices are tested and maintained annually.


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